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CPV now experimenting with ethane

What on earth is CPV up to now? They have begun experimenting using ethane for power. This is a new technology which means no information about the public health impacts and no regulations. Completely unregulated in NYS thanks to Cuomo we wouldn't at all be surprised if they are trying this here in OC as well. Once again this underscores how CPV is indeed an existential threat to all of us in Orange County and beyond


2-JOIN US FOR EARTH DAY PROTEST AT CPV SITE 11AM SATURDAY APRIL 25TH In 6 days the Indian Point nuclear power plant will shut down & CPV corruption will be fully successful. Depsite Governor Cuomo's promise that its closure will not increase carbon emissions, in reality greenhouse gases will increase by a conservative 10-15 million tons annually.

Call Cuomo RE CPV Air Permit Hearing

It's springtime and your gardens are probably blooming but if you live close to the CPV plant you may notice less healthy and less bright blossoms than previous years. That's because there is no escaping CPV's relentless air pollution. Ironically they don't even have a Title V permit yet (probably the only large source of emissions in the country that doesn't #Corruption).